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A graduate of Williams College, Nathaniel Whittle has a bachelor of arts in economics, which he earned in 2019. While pursuing the degree, Nathaniel Whittle also received First Aid and CPR certification as part of a wilderness first responder program.

During this time, he completed internships with several organizations, such as the Bristow Group. Working in the mergers and acquisitions department for a summer, Mr. Whittle was responsible for accounting and the valuation of assets. While there, he focused on helicopter assets and based their assessments on their potential future earnings.

Nathaniel Whittle is also a former student ministry intern with the Christ the King PCA Church, where he worked for a year. In the position, he was responsible for planning and leading regular events. He also served as a mentor to middle school and high school students.

Mr. Whittle has a history of volunteering with the Open Door Mission, among others. He enjoys the outdoors and is a fan of camping, hiking, and fly fishing. He is currently based in Austin, Texas, where he lives with his wife.

Nathaniel Whittle

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Nathaniel Whittle
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